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DIGITIZING Your Prints, Slides, and Negatives

You can't beat the price for my kind of quality scanning, which includes high-resolution files, color restoration, and removal of quickly fixed stains and spots. Prices are per order. No further discounts.

FOR MORE THAN 50 IMAGES = $ .50 each - that's 50 cents

FOR 1-15 IMAGES = $2 each

FOR 16-25 IMAGES = $1.50 each

FOR 26-49 IMAGES = $1 each

Plus the cost of a thumb drive unless you supply one.

Or I can send them to you online at no extra charge.


Free estimate after I see your photo.

You receive the photo file, for sharing with others or for getting prints elsewhere.


$2 per photo, audio clip, video clip, and song

Included with all slideshows

- one video file on a USB thumb drive

- capability to watch the show online anytime from this website

- capability to download the video file from this website

- you choose the songs (one minute for every 7-10 photos)

- no extra charge if you supply the song files, otherwise $2 per song

- beginning and ending titles/captions with your choice of text

- scanning of your prints

- I'll Photoshop all photos to make them look their best.

- I'll crop your photos if you ask.

- You can have any # of photos.

- There can more than 1 photo on the screen simultaneously.

- free consultation to set up your show

- free online preview of the show

- one free revision (about 10 minutes of my time)

- if you change your mind about so many songs and photos that take extensive revision time, there will be an extra charge determined at that time.

Slideshow Add-ons

$15 for each additional thumb drive 

$  1 per photo for extra text

$  2 and up for optional video editing of your own video clips

YOU get the perfect show for you and your special event!

YOU control the final price, because...YOU choose the number of photos and songs. 

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