Scanning to Digitize your Photo Prints and Slides

Piles of loose photos

scan box snapshots

35mm or any size of slide or transparency


In or out of your albums

Old Family Photos and Book

I scan and create a digital file for:

- photo prints

- negatives

- slides

- other papers, such as marriage certificates, military papers, children's artwork

High-resolution files

Color correction

See RESTORATION for further fixing!

Please group your loose photos by size and being right-side up!

FOR MORE THAN 50 IMAGES = $ .50 each - that's 50 cents

FOR 1-15 IMAGES = $2 each

FOR 16-25 IMAGES = $1.50 each

FOR 26-49 IMAGES = $1 each


Free delivery if you download them


Plus the cost of a USB thumb drive unless you provide one (or more)

ONLY FOR  ITEMS YOU CAN DELIVER TO ME IN PERSON (at my front door with no contact during Covid 19)

PLEASE DON'T SNAILMAIL ME YOUR PHOTOS as I don't feel it is safe enough to put such precious items in the mail.

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