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Get your photos put into an original, custom, and personalized video slideshow montage with music and special effects for your special event. Approximately one-week turnaround.

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, funerals, and more.

$2 for each photo (includes scanning and cropping)

$2 for each song of your choice

I will sync your photos to the music depending on how many people are in each photo.

Plan on 7-10 photos per minute of music.

A good length for a show that won't bore the viewers is 6-15 minutes.

YOU will preview the show, get revisions if desired, and approve the show.

Included in the price are:

- scanning of your prints

- fixing up your photos in Photoshop to make them look their best

- your desired cropping or other instructions

- your choice of beginning and ending text and font

- preview and revisions to your show

- one USB thumb drive containing the video file


- watch it on a smartphone, computer, tablet, smart TV

- show it at an event or party

- post it or its link on your social media

Bride and groom watch the video of his wedding


- professional scanning of your prints

- I  Photoshop all your photos to make them look their best

- I coordinate the music to the photos

- I will create a show with special effects suited to your occasion. Most shows have animated transitions and coordinated backgrounds to tell your story and keep the viewers interested. Other shows are presented photo-by-photo with plain transitions such as for a funeral. Your choice.

YOU get the perfect show for you and your special event!

YOU control the final price, because...YOU choose the number of photos and songs. 

Contact me for an appointment and then...

1. Gather your items that need professional scanning, such as photo prints, negatives, slides, tintypes, certificates (marriage, military, graduation, baptism), flat artwork, kid's drawings, souvenir greeting cards, and such. Set up an appointment to bring them here to be scanned.

2. Email any digital photos from your smartphone or computer to Or send me a link to your folder of photos in your Dropbox, OneDrive, or another cloud service. Or put them on a USB thumb drive to give me.

3. Choose any desired digital video clips. I can edit them if you can't. Contact me for ways to get them to me. Videos are usually too large to be emailed.

4. Choose enough of your favorite songs to go with your "photos." Plan on 7-10 photos per minute. You can use any music as long as you don't plan on putting the video on a social media website, in which case you need to own the appropriate copyright license to use it on the Internet.

3. Instead of a DVD, you'll now get the video on a USB thumb drive.

4. If you are local and bring me your photos during the COVID 19 pandemic, you'll have to place them on my little table by my front door instead of coming inside. Phone, text, or email to ask questions and place your order. I'll be happy to customize your show as much as possible! That's part of the fun for me!

4. In a few days after I receive all your photos and information, I'll email a link to your show. Watch it and either approve it or ask for a revision or two.

5. Pick up or otherwise receive your show and enjoy!


- to show the lives of the bride and groom at a rehearsal dinner

- to preserve family memories for a wedding anniversary

- to entertain with the life of the birthday person

- celebration of life

- to give grandparents a heart-warming show of their grandchildren

- a gift for many more occasions

Lovely couple watching videos together sitting on their sofa
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