Photo Shows for Churches

Share church events by playing an amazing video slideshow created with your photos and music! When people watch a video with photos they recognize, it's fascinating and memorable.

Preserve those photos and feelings! A video is like a scrapbook or photo album, but it's better! It can be shared with many people at one time. It makes great entertainment for banquets, meetings, or other get-togethers. It can go on your website, too!

Don't worry if your photos aren't all in good shape! They will be "Photoshopped" to look their best at no extra charge.

All shows are custom made to meet your requirements and to please your taste. After our 1st consultation, I'll create a show. Then you preview the show and ask for any desired revisions. Many times, people love the show just the way it is! Your show will be more than you expected!

True Light Church

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