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  • Carole Kropscot

    on August 18, 2022

    From Cyndi James - July 2022 - Carole did an absolutely perfect and professional job with my late husband's video slideshow for his Celebration of Life. She was wonderful to work with, especially during the very difficult time in my life when I was so confused and emotional. She clearly explained everything that was needed, followed up and had everything ready to go in such a quick turn around time. She really was a miracle worker. Thank you Carole.

  • Carole Kropscot

    on June 30, 2022

    May 2022 - From Cindy Williams of Cincinnati OH - son's Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow
    I found one of Carole's videos when I was attempting to put together a video slideshow for my son's rehearsal dinner. I immediately knew that Carole would do so much better than anything I could put together and boy was I right! With just a few emails, Carole was able to make sense of the jumbled photos I sent to her and created a beautiful keepsake! Somehow it seemed like she knew us and was able to pair photos of the bride and groom just as I had hoped she would. Do yourself a favor and take this off of your wedding to-do list and let Carole use her talent. You won't regret it! I'm already planning to use her for my next wedding!

  • Carole Kropscot

    on June 29, 2022

    TIP FROM CAROLE - if you don't have a Gmail or Facebook account to sign in with, you can email me your testimonial, and I'll add it here for you. You can use the CONTACT form.

  • Gene Millentree

    on June 21, 2022

    Professional, patient, and amazing! Carole created two slide shows for us, one themed and one random. She was able to use her talents and the music to create very moving stories with both. She was able to do this all without meeting us at all! Her professionalism and product speak for themselves. Highly recommend that you use her services.

  • Lise Weiss

    on June 30, 2020

    I am a pre school teacher and i always make a graduation video of the children throughout the year. Unfortunately i think my desktop is now recognizing as dvds being obsolete so i couldnt burn dvds. My co teacher wanted to give the parents a dvd gift due to the Covid situation and with the kids being home for three months. I found Carole by just doing a random search on people who can put a slideshow onto a dvd. Carole guided me through other options i can try myself first. Of course i was willing to pay her to make a dvd. I could have just emailed her the slideshow. This just shows what type of person already Carole is. She was willing to walk me through a few steps i can try myself first. Thank you for doing that Carole.

  • Anne Marie

    on October 17, 2018

    Carole made this such a rewarding experience!. She helped me all the way through the process, from finding the photos and giving suggestions to working with the music I selected. Once she sent me the final video, I was speechless - she made it a truly magical and I can hardly wait to surprise my husband at his retirement party with how Carole captures him and our family through the years! She is so creative and it is truly a wonderful video that I know our family will cherish. Thank you Carole - you are amazing!!

  • collette harrison

    on June 14, 2018

    Carole did an absolutely incredible job!!!! Her ability to float the music in and out of the video while coming up with so many different, innovative ideas on how to display the photos is unbelievable!!
    I went on a special girlfriends trip and when I shared the slideshow , they just loved it!!! Thanks Carole for capturing an amazing trip on video that we can watch over and over again. You are not only very creative but very patient and kind. I would and have recommended you to many of my friends:)

  • Liz Watts

    on June 4, 2018

    I just picked up my video from Carole and could not be happier!! I had the overwhelming job of creating a slideshow for my son and future daughter in laws rehearsal dinner and I wanted it to be a special keepsake they can watch over and over and share with their own children someday and Carole did not disappoint. She made the entire process so very easy. She is organized and took special care of all my pictures, she is patient and kind and more than helpful. I gave her the names of the songs and she found them for me and the finished product is amazing. What a special lady...I feel like I made a new friend and will definitely use her again and again and recommend her to my friends when they are in need of a special video keepsake! Thanks Carole!

  • Sharon Garcia

    on April 24, 2018

    Carole just completed my 4th video and each one surpassed my greatest expectations and beautifully done with their own style and unique flare. Carole is meticulous in her work making each photo, along with its magic, display to its optimum beauty. She is a joy to work with, is kind, patient and “creative.” I would definitely recommend her to everyone. Thanks Carole for all your hard work!! Sharon

  • Linda Moore

    on June 29, 2017

    I dropped off 58 photos 4 days ago for Carole to prepare a memorial DVD for my sister's memorial service. The DVD included 2 songs and I received the slideshow this afternoon and I'm blown away. The show is PERFECT and brought me to tears when I viewed it the first time. I can't believe she was able to create such a professional product in only 4 days. If you're searching for the perfect gift (or memory)....look no further I guarantee you'll be more than satisfied!!

"Everything is great!" Alpha, birthday, October 2016

"Perfect...I love it!" Deb, memorial, September 2016

"We loved the video!" Katie, wedding, September 2016

"Carole ~ video is awesome!" Lori, wedding, June 2016

"I was wondering if I could also get another copy of my daughter's video from last year? I'm also going to buy 2 extra copy of this video, thx!" Michelle, wedding, July 2016

"Carole, it's great! I don't think anything needs to be changed. I love the special effects." Crystal, baby shower, June 2016

"Absolutely perfect, I love it and so will they." Jackie, wedding, June 2016

"Carole - this is AMAZING!!! I LOVE it!!!!" Dana, reunion, May 2016

"I love your work and it is truly a beautiful tribute to my mother." Gayle, memorial, May 2016

"Hello! Just wanted you to know that your package arrived today and my husband  and I watched the video using the USB thumb drive and he really likes it! Thank you again for all the work you’ve done. I’m sure my mom will love it! :) Virginia, birthday, May 2016

"All the sorting, stewing and decision making is so worth it when you see the finished product! Thank you, Carole! You create such wonderful stories with the slideshows. Very special memories to last a lifetime." Mary Lee, graduation, May 2016

"Looks great Carole!" Lori, graduation, May 2016

"Carole, just viewed the show. Every thing is great!" Judy, funeral memorial, May 2016

"It's perfect. Thanks. Just shoot an email when ready." Chris, funeral memorial, April 2016

"It's perfect thank you so much!! You can go ahead and burn it." Allison, memorial, March 2016

"The video looks great. I love it!" Manny, birthday March 2016

"Perfect! I think it looks great! and the changes are, too! I need 3 DVDs ready for tomorrow's pickup." Rita, rehearsal dinner, January 2016

"Looks great! Love it! Thanks so much!" Cela, birthday. January 2016

“Looks absolutely Great! Could you make 4 DVDs for us?” Steve, rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, October 2015

“It’s amazing! It looks great. I absolutely love the effects.” Michelle, funeral memorial, September 2015

“You did a wonderful job and made our rehearsal dinner and wedding reception just great!” "You do such nice work – the slide show is absolutely perfect !" Rebecca, rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, September 2015

“This is looking fantastic! I’m very happy with how it’s coming together. If you can make the revisions (which he listed in this email), then all we should need to finish things up is the lst photo.” Chad, rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, August 2015

“Bet I watched the DVD 15!!!! times before I went to sleep, so beautiful!!!! You did such a wonderful job!!!!!” Janie, memorial, May 2015

Dear Carole, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the slideshow/dvd. I haven't done a head count yet but I would estimate that about 75-100 people showed up for Sid's birthday party and that was on a busy graduation weekend. Many of the family members stated they want copies of the dvd. I will pass your info on to them. Thank You for your fast turn around of the dvd and your talents are shown all through the slideshow - we love it. We will want to edit later as our family grows and grows-up. I so admire your talent. Best Wishes to you for a very prosperous year. Sincerely, Sid & Dollie Shadden, May 2015

“Thanks for everything! I was very lucky to find you and think you are incredibly talented!” Mary, tribute to mother and 2 brothers, December 2014

"It looks great!" Lisa, birthday, November 2014

"It is great! Perfect! Thanks!" Kayla, rehearsal dinner, October 2014

“It was great!” Doug, memorial, September 2014

“It’s perfect! I love the DVD case cover! Thanks so much. You do great work!” Beth, rehearsal dinner, September 2014

Everyone loved the DVD!” Michelle, birthday, September 2014

“It looks great!” Katie, rehearsal dinner, September 2014

"I just wanted to say "Thank You" once again for the slide show for Lauren & Ryan. It is wonderful! We had the show running during the rehearsal dinner last weekend in Chicago. Everyone loved seeing the old pictures & reminiscing. It was a great way to draw our two families together." - Karen, rehearsal dinner show of the life of the bride and groom, September 2014

“Fabulous!” Susie, birthday, August 2014

“We wouldn't change a thing! I’m going to recommend you to everybody!” – Merilee, funeral memorial show, July 2014

“So pleased I can’t believe it!” – Ron, funeral memorial show, June 2014

“Thank you, Carole, for the beautiful life story of my beloved cousin unfolding through your intuitive artistry. You are a wonderful creative artist, indeed! Sylvia, April 2014

“It is so beautiful! Tears in my eyes. Thank you for your wonderful work.” Monika, April 2014

“The video was a great success at the party Friday night, everyone loved it. My mom has been watching it over and over. She hums along with the music. So, thank you so much for a wonderful keepsake.” Corinne, March 2014

"Pretty amazing, right? Much better than just looking at photos. It's really nice to have." - Julie, February 2014

"It couldn't be better, Carole, thank you so much. The music is perfect. Of course I cried as I laughed." - Julie, February 2014

"This is my new security blanket. I can watch it whenever I need to." - Ruth, February 2014

"Love it!" - Jack, February 2014

"Perfect... Thank you for a great job- very tastefully done." - Phil, February 2014 "

This is pure genius!" - Ruthie, February 2014

"It is just beautiful. Thank you so much. We wouldn't change a thing." - Joan, February 2014

"Thanks for your effort to make the show happen "long distance." Looks good!" - Gail, January 2014

"I just wanted to report that the training video worked wonderfully well. All the trainers were comfortable with it, and the people being trained liked it. I heard many positive comments. Thank you again for all your hard work." - Janell, December 2013

“Just perfect, Carole. You are very talented. I am impressed how you have music fitting so well.” - Sharyll, December 2013

“This looks wonderful.” - Vicki, December 2013

Oh my gosh, I love the ending so much...in tears. again...love it" - Julieanne, October 2013

"We love it!!!! You are amazing!" - Julieanne, October 2013

"Thank you...that is great!" - Justin, October 2013

"Hi Carole. This is wonderful. Thanks for making the adjustments." - Shana, September 2013

"Looks perfect! Great job. They are going to love it-- thanks so much." - Sarah, August 2013

"Looks good to me! Thanks so much for doing that, especially on short notice!" - Aubreah, July 2013

"The video was a huge success!!! He was floored and just speechless!" - Erin, July 2013

"Love the video!" - Ron, June 2013

"Ron was amazed by the slide show; just loved it!" - Brenda, June 2013

"IT IS PERFECT, CAROLE!!!! OH, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You can burn it now. Let me know when I can come and get it." - Rita, May 2013

"Can you burn me 3 DVDs instead of 2?" - Tammy, May 2013

" Wow, that was beautiful and touching!" - Judy - May 2013

"Attention to detail. Very pleasant to work with. Creative and attentive to detail." - - Kris, March 2013

"The show is fantastic. I'm full of amazement!" - Jeanne, March 2013

"You created a video of my mom's life. It is treasured and greatly appreciated." - Nancy, February 2013

"Very, very pleased. Very well done. So lovely!" - Becky, February 2013

"The video turned out fabulous! I want to order 2 more copies, please." - Kari, February 2013

"Magnificent! You hit a home run. Thank you so much. Job well done." - Syd, February 2013

"Worth every penny!" - Angel, August 2012

"You are so talented." - Linda, July 2012

"Love, love, love it! I have yet to stop crying every time I watch. It is everything I asked for and more." - Mary Lee, May 2012

"I had to write to you today to let you know that the video was a huge success!!! Thank you so much! Everyone kept going on and on about the video. Have a great day and thank you again for the outstanding work." - Ami, February 2012

"Everything is just beautiful. The changes are perfect and it all is just a job more than well done! Thank you so much. " - Diane, February 2012

"Everything you have done for me in the past as been great! I appreciate your help with this current project." - Renee, October 2011

"I wanted to thank you for an exceptional video slideshow for my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner. Everyone absolutely loved it. Even the servers at the restaurant watched it and commented 'this is definitely a professionally done video!' There were many laughs and tears of joy. The bride and groom loved it so much that they wanted all their wedding guests to view, so they played it at the wedding." - Renee, October 2011

"Beautiful job. Loved it. " - Regina, June 2011 "Thank you so much for all you do.....you are very talented!!" - ALece, May 2011

"I watched the entire thing again this morning. It STILL makes me cry!! Thank you for your hard work. You have no idea how many people it will touch." - Michelle, May 2011

"You did a wonderful job." - Theressa, May 2011

"I love it!" - Pam, May 2011

"It is PERFECT!" - Susan, May 2011

"This was absolutely great. Thank you so much." - Howard, March 2011

"The show is fantastic. You did a really great job." - Tara, August 2010

"The show was a great success and enjoyed by all." - Ed, July 2010

"ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I'm almost in tears looking at this. I know my wife will love it." - Michael, November 2009

"You are a very talented lady, and it has been a pleasure to watch you work your magic with my family treasures. I can't wait for the rest of the family to see our mom's birthday video. I think they will be thrilled to take this sentimental journey. Thank you." - Barb, October 2009 (began with 10 DVDs, then ordered 3 more afterwards)

"WE LOVE IT - If the quality of your work is measured by the number of Kleenex it takes for the parents to watch this, then you won the Gold medal!" - Gail, April 2008

"I will sing your praises loudly! And if you have business cards, I would like to have some of them, not only for the workplace, but also at the open house party." - Denise, April 2008

"The video was great!" - Carolyn, May 2008

"Carole does such a fabulous job - very creative and so well organized. I want to do more and more of these DVDs. Very exciting to have something that will last forever." - Carla, October 2008

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